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Delivery Alert

Please note our hours have changed due to the demand changes imposed by the lockdown.

Contactless delivery is now the default -- please uncheck the box if you DO NOT wish to have contactless delivery.

We have received a waiver from the CC companies, imprints are no longer required for orders under $100. Credit card possession verification is still required for orders of $100 or larger.

Restaurant Message

If you pay online by credit card for delivery , please have the card and ID available for imprint by the driver if the order is $100 or larger .

If you pay online by credit card for carryout, please bring the card and ID with you for imprint when picking up your order. The card MUST be brought in to pick up the order to verify that the card is in the cardholder's possesion at the time of transaction per Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX rules -- this can only be done by dip of the chip, complete magstripe read, or by imprint of the card if it is embossed (has raised numbers). If the card is completely flat, then additonally by recording the state of issue and expiration date of the cardholder's ID. The cardholder must be present for the signature. If the card is not brought in, the authorization will be voided, and the person picking the order up will be asked for an alternate method for payment. If you do not wish to have your card imprinted or the card is not embossed (raised numbers), and you do not wish to have your ID state of issue and expiration date recorded, please do not pay online, and bring the card into the store for chip/magstripe read for payment.

We have received a waiver from the CC companies due to COVID-19. Imprints of the card are not required for orders under $50. Signatures and imprints are still required for all orders of $100 or higher. Due to supply chain issues this location may be experiencing shortages of romaine and iceberg lettuce. If you have concerns, please call the location directly before placing your order. Thank you for your understanding!